Microsoft Singularity

 - Mar 7, 2008
References: & engadget
Microsoft has finally lifted the curtain on its research-oriented Singularity OS that has been in development for half a decade. The operating system was unveiled at the TechFest 2008 research event in Redmond, and will be made available at no charge for academic and non-commercial use. The system is intended to test futuristic new concepts in application interaction, microkernel architecture,...

Rick Rashid, senior vice president of Microsoft Research said at the event, "Singularity is not the next Windows. It's a new system built from the ground up, with the specific goal of being more reliable. Think of it as a concept car: a prototype operating system designed from the ground up to test-drive a new paradigm for how operating systems and applications interact with one another. We are making it available to the community in the hope that it will enable researchers to try out new ideas quickly."