Girlfriend Collective's Microfiber Filter Reduces Microfiber Pollution

 - Jun 14, 2019
References: girlfriend & instagram
Girlfriend Collective is an activewear brand that makes a variety of eco-friendly styles from recycled water bottles and fishing nets—and one of its newest products, the Microfiber Filter, is unlikely yet perfectly aligned with its mission. The non-apparel product takes the form of a laundry machine attachment that can be used to minimize microfiber pollution.

When synthetic fabrics are washed in the laundry machine, they release microfibers, or small pieces of plastic, that eventually enter the water stream. The Microfiber Filter can be installed to reduce the output of these non-biodegradable particles, which come from pieces like swimsuits, leggings, fleece shirts and other pieces of apparel made with polyester, spandex or nylon.

As Girlfriend notes: "Since synthetic materials make up 60% of all clothing worldwide, those microfibers add up."