'MicroBot Sense' Monitors Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality, and More

 - Mar 21, 2018
References: microbot.is & producthunt
Smart home sensors are capable of tracking all sorts of environmental factors within the rooms of one's house, but the MicroBot Sense is a new product that brings that monitoring wherever the consumer is. Rather than tying the sensor to a specific room, the new device is small enough to carry around anywhere, giving consumers precise information on the atmosphere around them.

Of course, the MicroBot Sense connects to an app, allowing them to check their conditions at any time. The app can also be set to send push notification to the user, so they can respond to something like a drop in air quality immediately.

Beyond environmental monitoring, the MicroBot Sense can also serve as a security tool. It recognizes movement, so it can ring alarm if it's taken by someone other than the owner (for instance, if it were attached to one's bag.)