Unusual Conceptual Photos from Paco Peregrin

If you like the fantastic, the unconventional and the shocking, then you will fall in love with the work of Madrid-based Spanish photographer Paco Peregrin.

Peregrin’s playful style evokes ‘Alice in Wonderland’ imagery and is an amalgam of bewildering and dramatic images that collide with our sensibilities and simultaneously provide us with a much-needed shock to our senses of convention and propriety.

The photographer’s rebellious images can also be seen in a light where his creations are in tune with the latest fashion trends.

Peregrin, who has done work for Nike, Diesel, Adidas, Lee, Mazda, Toyota, and Levi’s has also had his photography published in magazines such as Glamour, Zink, Rolling Stone, Neo2, Eyemazing, Vision, Vanidad, Hint, Flux, DT, Tendencias, and FHM.