Mick Madden Takes His Pets Malcolm and Ethel Out for a Stroll

 - Jan 21, 2013
References: metro & bookofjoe
People who either don't want or can't have social pets such as dogs shouldn't have to suffer; Mick Madden knows that more than anyone. He has liberated his cute goldfish companion from the confines of the home to enjoy the outdoors like any other traditional pet. Although still safe and sound in a typical glass bowl, Mick Madden has built a pull-able trolley that allows him to take his goldfish to the park or even the local pub.

A 52 year old metal worker from Huddersfield, Mick Madden was determined to give his pets Malcolm and Ethel some 'legs.' Mick Madden says, "I was looking at my goldfish going round in circles in their bowl looking bored silly so I made this to take them out and about and they love it."