Mrs-O Celebrates Michelle Obama's Fashion and Wardrobe Choices

 - Feb 4, 2009
The year has barely started, and already Michelle Obama’s fashion is already having a huge sartorial influence on pop culture. As a result, sites like have sprung up focusing solely on her wardrobe.

Michelle Obama’s fashion first grabbed people’s attention back when Obama was running for president, then escalated with each public appearance. Soon people were no longer tuning in to see what the future Mrs. President had to say, but to see what she wore.

Instead of grieving over the fact that people were more interested in seeing which J.Crew outfit she’s wearing than some of the more important issues she brought to the table, Mrs O embraced her role as a style icon.

Now Michelle Obama fashion has flooded magazines, and it’s soaked the web., for example, is for people who want to "Follow the fashion of Mrs O: what & who she’s wearing."

The gallery shows a few of Michelle Obama’s fashions from the site.