Michal Lisowski Illustrates a Series of Modern World Problems

 - Jan 30, 2016
References: michallisowski & fubiz.net
The modern world is far for perfect, a sentiment that Michal Lisowski embraces for his body of artworks. Honing in on the problems existing in this modern day and age, he sheds light through his own unique perspective. A Polish artist based in Warsaw, Michal Lisowski is quite critical of his surroundings and encourages his audience to be just as aware as he is.

There are a number of issues Michal Lisowski address "from horrible diseases to civil or World wars, through the oppression in some countries and the problem of global warming," writes Fubiz. Full of detail, his art are not only eye-opening, but also visually striking in and of themselves. People will connect with them on a deeper level.