The Mia Lamp's Luminescence is Adjusted by Reorienting the Inner Bowl

 - Nov 8, 2013
References: & leibal
No dimmer is necessary with the Mia Lamp, for you can manually modify the amount of light escaping from this lovely illuminator. Consisting of a pair of ceramic bowls, this light fixture employs one as its base and the other as its lampshade.

The bottom dish has a small footprint and flares broadly to create a beautiful sculptural effect. This sits upright with the other component nested inside. The upper porcelain vessel has a narrower opening, housing the lightbulb and it's able to be oriented in a number of different ways.

Federica Bubani shows you several possibilities for how the two parts of the table lamp can be combined, enabling you to achieve different atmospheric effects. Set the top cup in upright to act as a spotlight, angle the inner Mia Lamp sideways to have it serve as a desk lamp and face it downwards to produce an indirect and diffuse glow.