Mexican Jewelry Brand 'Caralarga' Acknowledges Multiple Cultures

It's difficult to separate a product from culture and make it a standalone item as everything is intermixed with varying degrees of intensity in the consumer goods market, which is acknowledged by Mexican jewelry brand 'Caralarga' that pays homage to different cultures. The envelope-style of packaging is both simple and feminine, drawing influence from a variety of different aesthetics to create a final product that doesn't call too much on itself to ensure the focus is left with the product within.

The brand's package was designed by Sociedad Anónima and features a logo with a hidden meaning that's describe by the minds behind the brand: "The brand concept was inspired and based by the work of Native Americans, trying to communicate this idea through the icon in the logo, which is a tepee that represents the two capital letters of the designer and founder of the brand: Ana Holschinder."