McDonald's Australia Offers Fries Topped with American and Mexican Fare

 - Dec 5, 2015
References: mcdonalds & eater
McDonald's Australia is bringing together two distinct food cultures with its new American and Mexican fries dish that is topped with an array of fare from both regions. The meal, dubbed 'Loaded Fries,' is creatively topped with a contrasting mix of garnishes that are popularized in both cuisines.

The 'Loaded Fries' feature a mix of Mexican and American toppings including bacon, cheese, ketchup, salsa and guacamole that are layered on top of McDonald's original French fries. The inspiration draws on Australian consumers' fascination with dipping French fries in an array of topping and sauces.

According to chain's Austrailian chief marketing officer Mark Lollback, the brand is "...helping our customers with their fry flavor experiments by giving them world first toppings to bring their fries to life with."