Metapixel's Image Capturing System Creates Incredibly Lifelike Avatars

 - Oct 26, 2016
References: & digitaltrends
Metapixel is a company that offers to create hyperrealistic digital avatars based on real people. Using an incredible and complex system of cameras and proprietary software, Metapixel can capture people's likenesses in high definition and then turn them into manipulable figures in video games and virtual reality experiences.

The camera system that Metapixel uses to capture its avatars comprises 102 Nikon D810s. These DSLRs surround the subject and photograph him, her, or it (the system can also capture objects) from every angle. Metapixel's software then transforms these images into a composite avatar that looks astonishingly lifelike.

By using Metapixel's system, video games and VR experiences can offer playable and non-playable characters that are far more convincing than even the most impressive fictional characters in current media.