‘Contours’ Explores the Metaphor of Life Using Hum

In the modern day era, where almost everything is inextricably linked to technology, ‘Contours’ is no different. This recent installation uses tapestries and is a metaphor of life and a "large scale screen printing project that explores the idea of breathing life into a textile skin." The project was created by UK-based electrical product company Bare Conductive and artists Fabio Antinori and Alicja Pytlewska. The installation was commissioned by MAK Museum of Applied Arts and Contemporary Art.

The art installment encourages people’s skin contact with the tapestry. The way the tapestry works is, as visitors weave their way between the three installations, the skin contact will create a real-time soundscape that consists of data. The interactive tapestry has capacitive sensors that use conductive paint to sense any presence of an individual and is able to track their movement.