This 3D Printer Uses High-Speed Titanium Spraying Technology

 - May 18, 2018
References: newatlas &
An Australian company by the name of Titomic has developed a true behemoth of a 3D metal printer that is designed to build large parts for automotive and other applications.

What makes this 3D metal printer so unique is the fact that, although it embraces a layered printing process like other conventional machines, it uses a high-tech fusion process rather than using high temperatures to craft materials. Specifically, the proprietary Titomic process comprises the spraying of titanium particles onto the desired surface at mind-boggling speeds of around 1,000 meters per second so that the particles simply slam into place.

What's more, this 3D metal printer is also designed to be eco-friendly in that it wastes very little material.

With functionality like this, the Titomic 3D metal printer is set to make a splash in a wide variety of markets that range from automobile manufacturing to construction.