The Metaio Thermal Touch Turns Everyday Objects into Touch Screens

 - May 28, 2014
References: augmentedblog.wordpress & technabob
The Metaio Thermal Touch is bringing the future to your fingertips, literally. What the Thermal Touch does is it gives users the ability to give tactile response to everyday objects, literally creating a touch screen out of thin air. It does this by reading the thermal signature left by a person's finger or hand whenever they touch an object.

The future is now. As cliche as this may sound to some, it seems like the future has been now for a couple of years and the accelerated growth of technology is only speeding up. The Metaio Thermal Touch has the potential to be a bridge from the way we understand the world now to a completely connected world.

Currently the way it's being done is with a tablet and a camera, but the hope is that it will soon be bundled with a device like Google Glass.