The Met Gala Photos Captured by Cass Bird are Candid and Playful

 - May 9, 2015
References: vogue & itsnicethat
While most people were obsessed with the fashion displayed in many Met Gala photos released after the big event, Vogue decided to take a different angle. The prestigious publication reached out to photographer Cass Bird to capture what went on in the washrooms of the Met. After all, this is prime selfie territory. Those celebrities that did take a break didn't disappoint either.

It's Nice That writes, "BWI Magazine interviewed Cass about her time in the most decadent toilets in the world and she said she decided to photograph in there because 'that’s where the fun’s at.'" And there was a ton of fun to be had as captured in these Met Gala photos. From unlikely pairings to playful poses, there's a lot to take in.