The Mesa Andes Table Features an Inverted Mountain Range

 - Feb 4, 2014
References: cargocollective & mocoloco
Many designers are content to keep the flat top surface of tables consistently level on either side, but the creator of the Mesa Andes Table was not. Instead, Léa Rousse gave this piece significant dimension with an elaborately jagged texture on the bottom.

Inspired by the South American mountain range, the designer reduced the contours of the pointed hills to sharp geometric shapes of various widths and heights. Cut and carved from wood, the uneven modeled landscape thrusts downwards between the four long and slender metal legs. The result is an intriguing silhouette that one would not expect from a simple console. To reinforce this crisp, contemporary and abstract character, the Mesa Andes Table is finished in a white glossy paint that allows the observer to discern the complex shadows and overlapping arrangement of the jagged elements.