The Mercedes Benz Attention Assist Feature is Safe for Sleepy Drivers

 - May 21, 2011
References: emercedesbenz & creativecriminals
The days of driving sleepy are over with the new Mercedes Benz Attention Assist application, featured in every new Mercedes model.

The feature is aimed at combating driver fatigue and the much-too-regular occurrence of falling asleep behind the wheel. It does this first by observing driver behaviors and using its computational analysis to detect drowsiness or inattention.

According to eMercedesBenz, "During operation, a series of tests continually monitor driver input in relation to this profile, and in the event a deviation is encountered, the system then determines whether or not the deviation is a result of fatigue. If it is, Attention Assist alerts the driver both visually and audibly that it's time to take a break."

This feature is sure to save thousands of lives, both of Mercedes drivers and other drivers and pedestrians on the roads.