The Melt and Recreate Lamp Melts into its Mold to be Re-Frozen

 - Feb 26, 2015
References: youtube & dezeen
The Melt and Recreate Lamp by Siri Bahlenberg and Sofia Bergfeldt creates a lampshade made of ice that slowly melts back into its mould so it can be re-frozen and used again. The illuminator uses a combination of LED lights and fibre optics.

If you're wondering whether the lamp is safe, the design duo says, "The LEDs are suspended above the ice and the light they emit is conducted through the solid mass by the fibre optics – making the potentially lethal combination of water and electricity safe." As the light glows through the ice, this is where melting takes place — creating more of an art installation than a lamp.

The Melt and Recreate Lamp is said to create a relationship between the user and the product as its interactive nature makes it bondable.