The New 'MEES' Backpack Collection Closes by Folding the Top Up

The new collection from 'MEES' is a set of stylish backpacks focused on functionality and simplicity. Designed by the brand's creator Marius Mees Visser, his vision for the bags was to create a multipurpose solution, for travel, everyday use, work and school.

Its neutral black and white color palette lends perfectly to any wardrobe, and its minimal design elements add a touch of visual interest. Each bag has a unique, paint-splattered design which gives the bags a sense of roughness and playfulness that is still refined.

Visser handcrafts many of his bags himself and sticks to a simple square-shaped silhouette for uniformity. Closing the bags is also interesting, as MEES bags use a fold up system rather than a zipper closure.