Nate Hallinan's 'Medieval X-Men' Brings the Mutants Back to the Castle Age

 - Aug 18, 2013
References: natehallinan & walyou
Here's hoping the writers and artists currently working on X-Men get a look at Nate Hallinan's Medieval X-Men series. Hallinan has taken the popular mutants back in time a couple of hundred years, replacing their technology with swords and staves and giving them new backstories.

Hallinan has carefully constructed backstories for each Medieval X-Men to bring them to life. For instance, Professor X is now Lord Xavier, and Nightcrawler is a magical elf. The series is incomplete as of now, but judging from the drawings and backstories already completed, Hallinan seems to be on the right track. The X-Men have been remixed by a variety of artists, but this is the first time (or at least one of the first times) anyone has taken them back to the age of feudalism.