'Me in Many Ways' by Martin Marcisovsky is Thought-Provoking

 - Aug 21, 2012
References: marcisovsky & mymodernmet
'Me in Many Ways' by Martin Marcisovsky is a thought-provoking series that depicts self discovery. Each shot takes one inside the mind of the adventurer seeking to make sense of life and the path that they've been given.

In each shot, the silhouetted figurine has its back turned to the audience. The series depicts both young and old, and the challenges that they may be facing during that period of their lives. The picture of a boy sitting on a fence in the backyard seems to be pondering about love, while the little girl with the backpack on may be wanting to grow up in order to explore the world.

The nice thing about Me in Many Ways is that everyone can interpret the pieces differently. That's the power of art: it transcends all barriers, allowing for deep connections.