The Me and You Toaster Lets You Share Scraps with Feathered Friends

 - Oct 9, 2012
References: avihaishurin
Rather than allowing crumbs to collect in and around your beloved breakfast-making appliance, the ingenious Me and You Toaster makes your edible remnants available to others who might be hungry too. You don't need to do a daily sweep of your countertop in order to amass your scraps either because the quirky culinary contraption does this for you.

Avihai Shurin's invention is a hybrid toaster and bird feeder. Simply keep the gadget close to your window and it will make for an easy move onto the sill once you've finished browning your bread. The slanted slot guides residual morsels into the tray-like base so that they're accessible to your peckish winged neighbors. Offering the avian visitors a perch and an easy meal, the Me and You Toaster is convenient and nearly self-cleaning.