Mazda Nagare Concept

 - Dec 3, 2006
References: laautoshow
Mazda's design division made-up an innovative surface language called Nagare (pronounced “na-ga-reh” is Japanese for 'flow' and the embodiment of motion) for opening at this year's Greater Los Angeles International Auto Show. Nagare achieves the registering motion in vehicles whether they're moving or still while also indicating a new design direction for future Mazda vehicles.

Franz von Holzhausen, Mazda North American Operations' (MNAO) Director of Design explains, “We're looking well down the road with Nagare. We want to suggest where Mazda design will be in 2020. To do that, we redefined basic proportions and the idea of driving without losing the emotional involvement. Mazda's driving spirit will be enhanced and intensified by Nagare.”