From Green Sportscar Concepts to Diet Concept Cars

 - Aug 30, 2012
The RX-8 may be on its way out, but that's no reason not to check out all of these majestic Mazda concepts. The new Mazda6 looks good, but it's nowhere near as interesting as some of the company's past concept cars.

Mazda has blessed the world with some of the greatest sportscars ever created, including the RX-8 and the MX-5 (Miata.) The development of the SkyActiv hybrid technologies and the axing of the RX-8 from the lineup seems to signal that Mazda is headed in a different direction.

These majestic Mazda concepts offer a glimpse into the future of the brand. There's a decent mix of hybrid sedans and roadsters here which should make both the brand's die-hard fans and newcomers happy. I think we can all agree that an RX-9 should be the company's next move.