The Maximo Riera Toad Sofa Mimics a Leaping Frog

 - Jan 18, 2013
References: maximoriera & luxurylaunches
This Maximo Riera Toad Sofa is ready to leap-frog its way into your living room. Created by the Spanish designer as part of his ‘Animal Chair Collection,’ the toad sofa juxtaposes grotesque qualities with chic sophistication. The designer mimicked the back of a standard toad perfectly -- showing its legs poised and ready to hop -- whilst the front encases a cosy classic Victorian two-seater. What’s also striking about the piece is that the amphibian's bumpy skin is recreated so well in the embossed leather.

Other works in the collection have included a rhino, whale, octopus and elephant. The toad is the first two-seater of the collection. Each sofa is unique and handmade to order, taking about 11 weeks to complete. The toad sofa costs approx $88,500.