Maxence Cardon Photography is Illuminating and Simple

Maxence Cardon Photography looks for the light in the darkness. The series is aptly entitled, 'Réconfort d'une lumière dans l'obscurité' or rather 'Comfort of Light in the Darkness.' Created by French photographer Maxence Cardon, these captures were inspired after driving through the darkness.

The shifting glances into the night's unknown provoke fear, loneliness, intrigue and anxiety only to be eased by the glimmer of a light. The radiating light from a lone streetlight envelops us in comfort.

Though it is often in passing that we move through these spaces, these uncanny images give us a sense of déjà vu. And, as the artist's website explains, these photographs "inspire a feeling where time seems suspended. This feeling is temporal due to the absence of human presence, there is the paradox because these places are taken by all."