Max Wanger's Photographs Use Empty Space for Emotion-Filled Photos

 - May 20, 2011
References: maxwanger & stumbleupon
It's photographers like these that inspire me to pick up my camera more often.

LA-based photographer Max Wanger allows viewers a glimpse into his whimsical and imaginative world through his photography. Max Wanger's photographs are unique in that they are both full and empty. His photographs are full to the brim with emotion and feeling; I haven't yet found a photo of his that hasn't left me smiling and inspired. They are also empty in the way that they are arranged in composition. Max Wanger's photographs all exploit the beauty of empty space by occupying the majority of their frames with blue skies and never-ending horizons.

Max Wanger's photographs use empty space to emphasize how very small individuals really are and how wondrous and huge the world around them is.