Matthew Neidbal Creates Graphics That are Overflowing With Wonder

Matthew Neidbal has an imagination that is out of this world.

This talented artist has no boundaries when it comes to creating; he produces digital images that are full of wonder, whimsy and magic. His images often aren't sensical, but stories can be found in all of them if you spend some time gazing at them. They feature figures that are comprised of human or animal limbs and that are surrounded by scenery that is often drab and industrial. These Matthew Neidbal images give off a very creepy and disturbing vibe, yet are visually thrilling to look at.

Check out the amazing work of Matthew Neidbal and get lost in your imagination.

Implications - Society is so full of advertising that consumers have become desensitized to their imagery. They now take notice of advertisements that contain graphics that are shocking and surreal since they are more memorable.