Matthew Chambers' Creations are Spherically Abstract

 - Jun 8, 2012
References: matthewchambers & contemporist
British artist Matthew Chambers sculpts stunningly spherical works of art that may seem simple at first, but are quite complex the longer they are perceived. Inspired by Constructivism, architecture and design, Matthew Chambers' sculptures are a geometric vortex of ceramic. An abstract adventure, they pulls their audience into their mesmerizing depth one layer at a time.

Like giant, almost-robotic eyeballs, Matthew Chambers melds natural materials with a contemporary aesthetic that is at once jarring and harmonious. Although mostly working with earthy tones, he does add the ocasional blue and white. In order to create each sculpture, Matthew Chambers adds oxide to the clay before forming the shapes. They are then sanded and polished before and after being fired to ensure the surface becomes opaque, stone-like and soft to the touch.