Matt Wisniewski Blends Humans with Earth into Surreal Hybrids

 - Nov 14, 2011
References: fivem.tumblr & mymodernmet
Artist Matt Wisniewski provides a, quite literally, fresh perspective on the currently popular art forms of photomontages and mixed media. He takes images of models and strategically superimposes epic imagery of nature on top of them. Mostly concentrating on the head and torso, he creates surreal beings that are hybrids between humans and nature.

Based in New York City, Matt Wisniewski predominantly uses photos that he finds on Tumblr sites. By blending mankind and Earth together, it becomes hard to see where one ends and the other begins. Although the human form provides a convenient boundary for nature, Matt Wisniewski's works really show how much people are part of Mother Nature.

Matt Wisniewski posts his work on his own Tumblr titled Five Minutes to Live. His imagery really depict this urgency to experience life.