Matt Stopera Captures What Creationists Have to Say to Evolutionists

 - Feb 7, 2014
References: buzzfeed & mymodernmet
Matt Stopera, once the biggest fan of Britney Spears and now part of the Buzzfeed staff, recently attended the debate between science educator Bill Nye (The Science Guy) and Christian author Ken Ham in Kentucky concerning the controversial topic of evolutionism vs creationism. After meeting a few of the creationist attendees, Matt Stopera got them to write a message or question to evolutionists.

From questions about faith to the idea that evolution theory is taught as fact, Matt Stopera found many willing to put evolutionists on the spot. But what makes the series even more compelling is a detailed comment from Kerjun Chang on the My Modern Met page that intelligently answers and rebuts each of their questions and statements. For instance, he writes, "Please, please, please stop saying that we came from monkeys. We did not."