Matt James Stone's Bananas are Conjoined from Multiple Arms

 - Oct 2, 2013
References: mattstoneart & designtaxi
Where we see moldy, uneatable bananas, Matt James Stone sees a chance to resurrect them for aesthetic use.

In a series of banana sculptures titled 'Fruit,' the Brooklyn, New York-based sculptor has created banana shapes that look contorted and deformed, yet artistically pleasing to look at. The bananas are first deconstructed from their original shape, making their original C-shaped curvature almost non-existent. By then putting together the banana pieces in various shapes and arrangements, which he holds together by using pins, James Stone is able to create amazing structure forms -- with one that almost looks like an massive molusk, or another that looks like an underwater plant -- by piecing together various sections of the banana. Once he has created his sculpture, then James Stone uses paint to give it a varnished finish.

Matt James Stone was born in 1979 is West Virginia.