Quattroporte Executive GT

 - Nov 3, 2007
References: charleston.net
If you're like me, then the word Maserati automatically evokes images of the ultra-luxurious Maserati Spider sports car, and definitely nothing resembling a "family car."

That's why I was confused to read that the Italian brand was targeting families with the Maserati Quattroporte Executive GT, a five-seater with a 16 cubic foot trunk.

"That the car is beautiful is understatement," the Charleston.net said. "It is exquisite. Leather tanned and treated by Poltrona Frau, which produces some of the world's most supple hides, covers the Quattroporte Executive GT's seats front and rear. The wood inserts on the center console, dashboard and interior door panels are of the highest quality; mahogany with rosewood inlays."

The body was designed by Pininfarina, while Ferrari is to thank for the mechanics.

"The 400-horsepower, all-aluminum, V-8 engine employs electronically controlled variable valve lift and timing to generate maximum power without commensurate consumption of fuel. The automatic transmission, which also can be shifted manually, can handle 339 pound-feet of torque."

But for a family? Kids that spill, a dog that drools and sheds?

"Where the Maserati Quattroporte Executive GT differs from other exotic performance cars is that it can be used as an everyday driver. It has seats for a family of five."

Personally, I don't get it. It looks like luxury brands are looking to expand to their lines for broader appeal, while more affordable auto manufacturers are looking to hit the upscale markets. No one seems to be sticking with the traits they're known for.