Maru Stahl's Illustrations Will Introduce You to a Different World

 - Jun 6, 2011
References: marustahl.deviantart
These beautiful and original art pieces are by Maru Stahl. All of them are made with unique details and vibrant colors, with a touch of mysticism. These interesting illustrations are made with color pencils, markers, water colors, graphite and other strange materials like coffee, vanilla and nail polish -- anything that has a beautiful color is well coming for the artist.

Maru Stahl is a 21-year-old Mexican digital design student with a lot of creativity so that she can just let all the images go trough the paper. Even when she’s studying the digital side of art, she still prefers the more traditional, and possibly different, approach to art.

Almost all of her pieces have motifs like keys, eyes, clocks, feathers that appear constantly in each drawing or illustration -- complete with a plethora of curious and mysterious characters. Not in a direct way, but Maru Stahl's work is all about time, memories, feelings, thoughts, or simply entertainment -- and will certainly introduce you into a different world, if only for a moment.