Marty Cooper's Art Inserts Monsters & Critters into Everyday Environments

 - Mar 17, 2014
References: instagram & sploid.gizmodo
Artist Marty Cooper has come up with a truly ingenious way of transforming photographs of mundane everyday scenes into hilarious and creative works of art. His funny and imaginative art is on display on his Instagram account.

Cooper works by identifying a boring everyday scene that he wants to manipulate. He then takes a transparent sheet and, using white ink, draws an image of a small monster or otherwise cute or creepy critter. By placing the transparent sheet in front of a random object, Cooper creates the hilarious illusion that his critter creation is superimposed onto the environment.

One of his creative manipulations involves a drawing of a frog-like creature sticking its tongue out, as frogs do while catching insects. The image was held up on what seems to be a bridge overlooking the highway, to make it look like a frog-like monster was eating cars on the highway. Another highlight is what can only be described as a blob-like monster guzzling gas from a gas station.