These Marmite Ads Show Spread Jars Hidden at the Back of a Cupboard

 - Jun 21, 2014
References: adamandeveddb & adsoftheworld
Usually advertisements are designed to put the main products front and center, but these ones from Marmite take the opposite approach. Sometimes the back corners of your kitchen cupboards can be a little dark and it can be easy to forget something and have it go bad. In these ads by Adam & Eve DDB in the UK, jars of Marmite are shown shyly peeking out from the depths of cupboards, tucked behind numerous other products.

Last year the brand set up the 'Marmite Rescue Unit' to have professionals go in and rescue neglected jars of Marmite spread from the backs of kitchen cupboards and along those same lines, these ads are a similar response to poke fun of the fact that "One in 10 Brits admit they haven’t opened their jar in over three months."