Mark Meyer Captures an Alien Landscape in These Pictures of the Arctic

 - May 14, 2012
References: photo-mark & thecoolist
Arctic-native Mark Meyer ventures into the frozen north in order to photograph what appears to be the terrain on an alien planet.

As weather climates continue to rise and industrialization claims more and more of the earth's topography, the arctic region stands as one of the final frontiers of untainted, natural landscapes. Mark Meyer's talent as a photographer is demonstrated in these beautiful pictures of colliding colors and mesmerizing structures. While it takes a keen eye and a bold adventurer to trek into this region, the arctic's enchanting landscape is reward enough for any who ever has the privilege to gaze at its wonders.

The crystalline monoliths and clear blue lakes are just a few of the marvels that are abound within arctic region and indication of the need to preserve such a delicate ecosystem.