The Mark Kelty 'Scary Bunnies' Pinterest Features Frightening Critters

 - Jun 2, 2012
References: pinterest & refinery29
Unlike other cute animal-tributing sites like 'Cute Things Falling Asleep,' the Mark Kelty 'Scary Bunnies' pinboard is the storyboard of the worst nightmare ever.

There are pages upon pages of disturbingly evil rabbits, both life-sized and pint-sized for your imagination's horror. There are even pictures of children crying with life-sized easter bunnies -- reminding viewers all of the classic creepy Santa photos. And you thought that white bunnies with the red eyes were scary -- at least they weren't tall nor sported human bodies.

It is amazing how an innocent pinboard, home to the usual sea of cupcakes and cats, can create such scarring memories in one's mind. Best of luck to those trying to get a good night's sleep tonight.