It's a Chair! It's a Desk! It's a Podium! It's Marius Goetze's Ecobank!

 - Sep 12, 2009
References: & dornob
Are you looking for a chair? Maybe a desk? Or a table? Or perhaps a podium? Let’s face it, you may need all or any of these things at any time, but where on earth are you going to store all that furniture?

Marius Goetze’s "Ecobank" is attempting to solve that dilemma. This transforming furniture is an easy convertible piece—no moving pieces or strange configuring to satisfy your needs. The design allows for the piece to simply be put in the desired position, and voila, it’s your chair/desk/table/podium. Not bad for something that could be stored in a closet.

A test spin may be required to prove functionality—from the looks of it, the table position isn’t too comfortable, and there’s obviously no storage. But minor concerns aside, this may be the most multipurpose no-assembly-required piece on the market.