Marion Fayolle Creates Erotic Images That Are Brilliantly Absurd

 - Mar 28, 2015
References: cargocollective & itsnicethat
Marion Fayolle may have made some impressive moves over the years with numbers published books, editorials and even textile designs, but she is known on the Internet for her saucily surreal illustrations. With a constant reference to sex, Marion Fayolle's work delves deeper to address the relationship between man and woman. She focuses on visual puns that will make people blush and laugh in equal amounts.

It's Nice That notes that Marion Fayolle's "visual puns are first-rate and funny, highlighting the absurdity of sex and playing fast and loose with some classic bits of slang." From boobs as ice cream, penises as rocket ships and everything that can possibly be imagined in between, her illustrations are entertaining and eye-opening in various ways.