The Mario Propaganda Set by Fro Design Co. Will Turn You Against the Plumber

The Mario Propaganda pieces from Fro Design Co. were designed from the perspective of Bowser's regime. The villainous monster is trying to garner a sense of loyalty from his army of mishmash critters to stand up to the super plumber.

Featured in the Mario Propaganda set are four designs titled Victory!, The Enemy, Power Ups and The Boos. Each one encourages Bowser's evil minions to keep getting in the way of the famed Super Mario. Each piece is 11 by 17, with only 100 of each individual piece in the series.

After seeing the Mario Propaganda series, you will be wishing there was a way to play the game from the perspective of Bowser. The story could make sense as the Mario Propaganda spreads the idea that it's actually Mario wrecking havoc in their world.