Nasoya's Ready-to-Eat Tofu Blocks Simplify the Food Preparation Process

 - Oct 21, 2016
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Nasoya makes a range of innovative tofu products, including a trio of marinated tofu blocks that come in ready-to-eat packages.

The organic TofuBaked products come in flavorful varieties like Teriyaki, Chipotle and Sesame Ginger, which save consumers the hassle of draining and seasoning blocks of tofu themselves. Organic and non-GMO ingredients like garlic, onion and paprika are just a few of the natural ingredients that are used to flavor these products.

These instantly ready tofu blocks are ideal for adding to everything from sandwiches and salads to stir fry dishes that could use a boost of flavor and protein—each eight-ounce package provides about 32 grams of protein. As more consumers look to bolster their diets with added protein, especially from plant-based sources, Nasoya acknowledges this with an emphasis on simplicity, flavor and convenience.