Marie Hald Documents the Dual Life of a Mother and Prostitute

 - Oct 30, 2014
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Marie Hald's latest series documents the dual life of a 39-year-old prostitute and mother of three.

'Bonnie, a Life in prostitution' is a brutally honest series that chronicles the burdens of one woman's chosen profession, from her children being bullied to problems with the law. Though prostitution is legal in Denmark, Bonnie is in trouble with the IRS and has been arrested (and served prison time) on more than one occasion.

Hald spent the course of a year getting to know Bonnie and her family, who, with the exception of her youngest son, are all aware of her profession. Hald explains, "A lot of people judge her [Bonnie], but she has chosen to just be honest and in that way I think she is really strong."