The Mariana Garcia Page the Magazine Shoot Follows a Couple Through Cali

This Mariana Garcia Page The Magazine editorial tells an incredible story of love and adventure in the summer. The shoot, entitled 'Long Long Long,' follows Diana and Greg on a seemingly low-budget road trip through California. The photos are so candid and natural that if I didn't know any better, I'd have thought they were taken by a couple of kids in love on their first lover's getaway.

Garcia's candid captures are far from your stereotypical tourist shots. The effortless photos capture beauty in simplicity, switching subjects between places and people, but finding the splendor in each of them through her unusual lens.

Implications - Photography that tells a story is appealing to consumers, as these still captures are almost filmlike. Leaving much to the imagination and interpretation of viewers, shoots like this one are appealing in their effortless and inherent beauty.