Joey DeFrancesco Uses a Marching Band to Quit His Job in Style

 - Jan 10, 2012
References: youtube & cnn
While most people may check out from their jobs in a somewhat silent manner, Joey DeFranceco adds some volume to the mix by using a marching band to quit his job. Joey worked in the Providence Renascence Hotel where he claimed that the management treated them horribly. After three years of hating his job, Joey decided to leave the hotel forever and make a grand exit.

As Joey's boss rounds the corner of a hallway, Joey hands him his resignation letter and announces "I'm quitting." Joey then drops the letter and throws up his hands in freedom as the marching band behind him begins to play an upbeat football game-sounding tune. As the trumpets blares and the drums bang, Joey's boss is left a little embarrassed and confused while Joey walks out of the doors a free man.

Joey is a symbol of hope for all those people out there who hate their bosses and jobs because he is not afraid to stand up to his superiors. This glorious man will go down in the history books as "The Entrepreneur of Not Putting up with Poop."