Dig into the Widespread Preference for Lavish Design

 - Mar 25, 2012
References: trendreports
Excessively large homes have gone hand in hand with the capital growth of celebrities, CEOs and wealthy descendants. Talented interior designers and architects have spearheaded unthinkable structures. Sleek, modern designs and countryside palaces have broken down blueprint barriers, displaying the contemporary power of technology and design. Nothing is too extravagant here, and the Mansion Trend Report archives only the most opulent and over-the-top frameworks.

There is little shame involved in this stream of construction. Monstrous mountainside abodes and grandiose tree houses have lined some of the world’s most expensive streets, frequently attracting paparazzi attention. Engineers, students and artists interested in the progression of home planning will be taken aback by the Mansion Trend Report, inspiring bolder outlooks in the field.