Manhattan by Downs is a Riot of Color and Retro Patterns

 - Jul 3, 2014
References: studioddowns & design-milk
Manhattan by Downs, an artist hailing from Palm Springs, California, is a series of paintings inspired by the great New York borough. A riot of colors and shapes, some people might think of graffiti when gazing at them, others might be tempted to compare them to Will Smith's wardrobe on 'Fresh Prince.'

However the paintings in Manhattan by Downs speaks to his audience, it is undeniable that they are full of life and vibrancy. The crisscrossed marks, swirls and lines were created with the single edge of a razor blade to create a sense of control in an otherwise chaotic gathering of paint hues. As written on his website, "His compositions display such a deep engagement with the formal and esthetic potential of paint on canvas that they do not fit easily within any recognizable category of contemporary art."