Jae-Hyo Lee Makes Mistakes and Nails It With His Art

 - Apr 27, 2009   Updated: Aug 15 2011
References: ecofriend.org
Jae-Hyo Lee doesn't see bent nails as a mistake -- he sees them as art.

I could do this. I could do art. When I hammer a nail, it usually bends. My mistake has been to think this is a mistake.

Lee takes bent nails a couple steps further than I probably would. He carves a big hunk o' wood, hammers in hundreds of nails, carefully bends them, then grinds them off to reveal their inner beauty.

Implications - This is not an easy process. It requires Jae-Hyo Lee to scorch the entire surface, so as to achieve a rich black patina, and then grind the nails. Then using the raw silver metal, this allows Lee to "draw a picture on wood using nails."

Regardless of how it's done, Jae-Hyo Lee is an inventive designer with a bright future in his field.