This Momo Dodo Makeup Container Includes Cream, Concealer and a Mirror

 - Jan 16, 2016
References: amazon & aliexpress
In a single package, this multifunctional makeup container from K-Beauty's Momo Dodo brand provides two products and a tool for applying them.

The main product, a long-lasting BB cream moisturizer, makes up the majority of the product. In looks, this part of the cosmetic packaging seems to resemble many other makeup packages. However, the tube's cap has a separate flip top, which can be opened to reveal a miniature compact, complete with concealer and a small section for concealer.

The clever packaging design works incredibly well for simplifying multiple products into one. Its form could also be applied to suit a number of other items that need to be squeezed from a tube, especially ones that are associated with companion products.