The Crowdwish Site Works to Make Wishes Come True

 - Jan 9, 2014
References: crowdwish
Crowdwish is a site based on crowdsourcing that is designed to make wishes come true. The site recently launched and already, wishes worldwide are being granted. Crowdwish describes that it operates on the principle that "greater the number of people who want something, the more likely that thing is to be delivered."

After logging in with Facebook or Twitter, users can make wishes like wanting to be more confident public speaking, wishing Amazon would pay corporation tax, or wanting to learn to speak Spanish. Some of these may seem like lofty dreams, but Crowdwish does deliver. For example, Crowdwish just fulfilled a wish made by a lot of people who hoped to help those affected by flooding and like magic, Crowdwish made a £2,000 donation to the British Red Cross.